A cringe-worthy video of a rat discovered in one of Karachi’s famous bakery is making rounds on social media. And of course, it is a stomach-churning sight!

The viral clip has sparked an outrage on the internet as the eatery is now under fire. Shockingly, it is none other than the well-known United King Bakery where the incident occurred.

A customer at the Clifton branch spotted the rodent roaming around on one of the food shelves. The rat was caught on camera, sitting on tray freshly-baked goods.

Warning: This video is advisable for the faint-hearted!

The video has been watched over a million times since it was uploaded to social media and people appear absolutely disgusted.

Following the backlash, United King apparently has apologized for the whole fiasco and has issued a statement regarding the whole episode.

 I am the Marketing Manager at United King. Our Team has discarded all the products, the area is being fumigated and is currently quarantined – Marketing Manager Omer Naveed Qureyshi.

Nevertheless, social media is appalled with the video and questioning why a live rat was roaming around in the first place in one of the most popular bakeries in the city.

United King should take notice that rats are extremely hazardous to health as they can cause Leptospirosis – a disease that may cause kidney damage, meningitis, liver failure, lungs to bleed and even death.

In times when food inspection is on the rise all over Pakistan, eateries should remain on alert, being extra cautious about hygiene and quality of food.

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