Ever since Shoaib Mansoor announced the launch of his film ‘Verna’ last year, all eyes are on the veteran director and his potential blockbuster. While he has left Pakistan stunned and inspired with his unforgettable, ground-breaking movies ‘Khuda Kay Liye” and ‘Bol’, we all await the magic he will create with his new film, starring the superwoman Mahira Khan.

His past ventures were based on the strong social messages, revolving around bold female protagonists. The fearless director has always dared to speak the unspeakable and voiced his views about the most taboo-ed issues in Pakistan.

Seems like Mansoor is all set to achieve yet another milestone in cinema industry with Verna.

Its trailer shows a sense of motive, freshness and vitality, that we rarely see in Pakistani films.

Also, it will unveil Mahira Khan as a victim of sexual assault, a role she has never played before. 

Talking about the crucial issue of rape in Pakistani society, Mansoor took to Facebook and shared his strong views on the matter!

“Rape is one of the most prevalent and ugly forms of crimes against women in Pakistan”

Normally, women are accused and shunned for triggering sexual onslaught upon themselves. But Mansoor shed light on a different reason.

 “All this happens in the context of patriarchy where the bodies of women have become the battle ground for men to fight their battles of honor, power and revenge”

He congratulated the makers of Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Punjab Nahi Jaungi on the success of the movie.

But he also made a point that while cinema needs to entertain viewers, it also has a duty to prompt people to think!

“we also need some to say something thought provoking. I hope I am provoking some thought”

Read his complete letter here!


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