Ramadan is a holy month in Islam that is observed by Muslims worldwide. The UAE is a predominantly Muslim country, and Ramadan is observed with great fervor and devotion by its residents. In the UAE, Ramadan is an important time of year, and the country offers several benefits to its citizens and residents during this time. Here are some of the benefits offered during Ramadan in the UAE.

Reduced Working Hours & Remote Work Options

During Ramadan, the UAE government reduces working hours for both the public and private sectors by two hours. This allows employees to have more time to observe Ramadan rituals, such as praying and breaking fast with family and friends. This year, the authorities have slashed the working hours to 9 am till 2.30 pm, according to an advisory quoted in the Arabic daily Al Bayan.


Ramadan is a time for giving, and the UAE government encourages this by organizing charity events and programs. Many individuals and businesses also donate to charity during this time. These events are organized in the form of food drives and other initiatives to help those in need during the holy month.

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Many businesses and retailers in the UAE offer special discounts and promotions during Ramadan to encourage people to shop during this time. This is especially true for food and grocery stores, which offer discounts on traditional Ramadan foods and ingredients as well as snacks and other items.

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Increased Family Time

Many Muslims in the UAE take time off work during Ramadan, which allows for increased family time and a chance to focus on religious observances. Organizations make sure that they are flexible with their employees while offering remote work opportunities.

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Ramadan tents

Many hotels and restaurants set up Ramadan tents during this period to cater to the large crowds that come out to break their fast in the evening. These tents offer a variety of traditional food and beverages.

Slashed Diesel Prices

While Inflation has raised prices of all commodities, diesel and petrol prices have also been raised by the government. However, for Ramadan, the government has decided to reduce the prices by seven percent. The diesel will cost Dh3.14 per liter in March, compared to Dh3.38 the previous month.

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