Authorities have drafted and shared a plan to tackle the growing issue of traffic during the holy month of Ramadan.

All main routes running through the megapolis have been divided accordingly into 5 sectors.

The following is their division;

  • First Sector: from Tower to Quaidabad
  • Second Sector: from Eidgah Chowk to Sohrabh Goth
  • Third Sector: from Gurumandar to Power House Roundabout
  • Fourth Sector: from Siemens Roundabout to Mawach Goth
  • Fifth Sector: from Garden Chowk to Pak Colony

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According to DIG Yaqoob, all main intersections will remain open during office hours to maintain the movement of vehicles. Personnel will also be deployed to venues where Taraweeh will be recited in a jamat, as well as shopping centres.

District SSPs of traffic police have also been directed to arrange for volunteers in collaboration with shopping centres and markets associations, he said further.

They have also been ordered to remove hurdles with the help of police and local administration, DIG Yaqoob added.

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