Pakistani actress Rabya Kulsoom is known for her roles in both television and film. She portrayed the character of Maria in the series Shehr-e-Malal. She has also been featured in music videos such as “Pyar Hua” and “Main Kashmir Hoon” in addition to her work on TV.

In a recent podcast, social media influencer, Rabya Kulsoom, voiced her concerns regarding the direction of the Aurat March in Pakistan. Adnan Faisal hosted the interview, captioned Uncut & Unfiltered with Rabya Kulsoom. She criticized the slogans displayed on placards heavily. She argued that they failed to serve the intended purpose and instead created a division between men and women.

Have a look at her podcast:

Rabya Kulsoom Challenges Feminist Misconceptions

Kulsoom highlights in her podcast, the misconceptions and misunderstandings. She points out that feminism as a whole, especially in Pakistan, is misconstructed. Kulsoom has taken a bold take and has stated that this exists vastly beyond household chores. 

Kulsoom quotes the slogan “pick up your own socks” from the recent Aurat march. She generally questions how this gets any message across, let alone one about women’s rights. She further mentions how this can even incite physical domestic violence. 

Rabya Kulsoom

The upcoming star in the film ” Gawah Rehna ” stressed on the importance of empowering women. Feminism is about rights to education, working, and being successful in your career. She urged for a shift in focus within the Aurat March towards advocating for women’s rights. Moreover, to stop promoting hostility towards men.

Kulsoom further quotes:

“Aurat March does not mean hating men. It is for women’s rights – the right to education, the right to pursue a career, and the right to equality in all spheres of life.”

A broad concept like feminism is bound to go astray. In a country like Pakistan, women like Rabya highlight the need for a constructive approach to the matter. Kulsoom wishes for this march to improve understanding between men and women, instead of fostering hatred.

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