Ever since Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha has been airing on Pakistani television, it has grown a very vast fanbase very quickly. People are loving the dynamics of the love triangle between Saad Maheer and Areeb. But what people are loving even more are the behind the scenes of the drama and all the fun stuff that goes on set. Every now and then the cast members post a TikTok or a reel on Instagram showing their silly moments as friends between filming.

Similarly, Hania Aamir, the heartthrob of Pakistan, posted a dance video on TikTok and people were not here for it at all. Both Kulsoom Rabya and Hania received many hate comments and eventually, they took the video down. Here have a look at it.

This video soon gained popularity but not in the best way possible. Many people took offense because the girls were dancing to a song with the name “Maula Ali” in it. For Muslims, especially Shias, this name holds an extremely sacred value. Because of this, fans, people, and even celebrities hated Hania and Rabya left right, and center.

Recently, Rabya Kulsoom appeared on a talk show where she talks about how people should build tolerance and how their intention was not to hurt anyone when dancing to the song. Here is the full video if you want to watch it.

She starts to talk about all the fun they have while on set. She also exposed Wahaj Ali that would always steal everyone’s food. The interviewer then asks her about the video they took down and why did they have to take it down. Rabya replied by saying that the video had triggered a religiously sensitive and controversial topic. She further added that she and Hania, mainly removed the video because they did not want to hurt or be inconsiderate about someone’s sentiments, especially religious ones.

Rabya and the interviewer then started discussing how one can never be certain of what may or may not trigger people on the internet. Rabya stated that they always have to think before they post anything since you can never be too sure about fans and what they might get triggered by. Toward the end of the conversation, Rabya added how people need to build tolerance in themselves and how not everything on the internet is that deep. But with that being said she stated that it was never their intention to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.

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