Rabia Butt in Yeh Mera Dil

Yeh Mera Dil is one of the ongoing Drama series that is actually highlighting many of our society’s sensitive touchpoints which we are very reluctant to talk about.

From mental illness to domestic abuse and even the toxic male patriarchy that are hardly pointed out on our tv screens.

Rabia Butt who is the newly introduced character in the drama series is playing Adnan Siddique’s secret wife, Saira. The actoress is shown to live in a love/hate relationship with her on-screen husband Adnan Siddique.

Rabia shared a photo on her Instagram, captured while filming a violent scene from the series that was eventually edited out in the final director’s cut.

Though the scene never made it to our screens but the actress shared her two cents on domestic violence and how passionately she disapproves of any such acts. She wrote in her caption.

” P.s. if I had any man like Mir Farouq Zaman in my real life would have killed him by now. (You guys will not see this shot in directors cut) because Hum is a good family channel doesn’t like to show violence on women, don’t be like other mainstream channels, Be like hum tv Newtworks. “

The model/actress had always been really vocal about her views and never hesitates to give her piece of mind on any controversial topics. Yeh Mere Dil is a romantic thriller with a unique script. The cast of the drama also includes the famous real-life couple Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali. So far this series has been highly appreciated by the audience and some big names of the industry.

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