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Rabia Anum, the famous news anchor, is going viral after schooling a caller who phoned during her Ramadan show transmission on PTV Home.

Sexist Culture

Our culture is weirdly very sexist; prioritizing sons over daughters. This may stem from the idea that they have to marry off their daughter who ultimately moves away but the son brings a wife who is ‘supposed’ to live with them.

Of course, after twenty-five years when the son moves away and it is the daughter most of the times who is more involved with them, it is then that they learn their lesson.

Caller on Ramadan Transmission

But anyway, this mentality is deeply embedded in our mindsets. And even if some of us has realised this and attempt to change this, it will take generations until the mentality is completely removed. This is evident in the phone call in the Ramadan transmission airing on Pakistan Television (PTV Home).

Hosting the show, famous news anchor talked to a caller who stated her query. The caller has five daughters but no sons and would really like to have at least one. For that purpose, the caller wanted a wazeefa.

Rabia Anum Responds

An exasperated Rabia responds to the caller saying that she did not understand this request. It meant that they weren’t happy with daughters when daughters are rehmat for the household. She quotes that when Allah is happy it is then he grants a daughter. And the fact that the caller has five shows how much Allah is happy with them.

Loving the daughters

She goes on to refer how she really respects Shahid Afridi and not just because of his sports career or work in welfare but the love that he showers on his daughters.

She further says that loving daughters is a sunnat because Hazrat Muhammad also loved his daughter. Not just that, she recounts instances through which the Prophet (pbuh) would show his love; that he would always get up to greet his daughter out of love and respect; and that when going on a journey, he would meet her last and upon return, she would be the first person he would visit.

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