hospital bills
Image Source: UNICEF

Medical bills are very intimidating worldwide, and so when we hear about a few countries that do offer free medical treatment, we get impressed. So one can imagine what people go through in Pakistan when they see hospital bills considering a large population in the country lives on or beyond the poverty line. An incident related to just this happened in Punjab, specifically Tulamba.

Replacing newborn for hospital bills

A pregnant couple gave birth to a baby boy. The couple, however, were not able to pay the hospital bills. Upon this, it is being said that the doctor made an offer to the couple. He said they could sell the baby and pay off their bills. When they refused to sell their newborn, the doctor took the baby by force and sold him to the buyer.

The hospital tried putting pressure on the couple, so they do not take any legal action. They must have thought that poverty-stricken people will be easy to pressurize. However, they went to the police and filed a complaint against the doctor. The police were very quick in responding to the couple’s plea. They raided the hospital and arrested the doctor.

Swift action in such a situation is necessary, and it is admirable that the police did not hesitate in helping the poor couple out.

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