PUBG Mobile

PUBG MOBILE has always stayed true to its commitment to establishing a robust ecosystem of gamers in Pakistan. To this effect, the brand continuously brings in new in-game events, maps, and updates that require PUBG MOBILE fans to challenge themselves and their skill set by devising new techniques and regularly adapting to different settings.

With the launch of the PUBG MOBILE Version 1.0 update, PUBG MOBILE has brought players one of the most authentic and immersive gaming experiences. From improved aesthetics to smarter in-game interactions, the new and remastered version provides one of the best battle royale atmospheres with cutting edge dynamics, especially to most popularly Erangel map.

Four primary elements have been strategically selected and upgraded in Erangel 2.0. This includes brand new map elements, massive resource point changes, redesigned buildings, a cleaner UX, and revamped visuals.

  1. Graphic changes to existing elements: The new Erangel map comes with several graphical updates, including more delicate details and textural improvements to buildings, the terrain, and the overall environment. From the landscape to the water and the sky, these elements appear to be more realistic with smoother details. All components within the map are brighter and lit up, making reflections more noticeable. This will allow players to be more aware of their surroundings and protect themselves from surprise attacks. An option to play in the “Ultra HD” function is now available, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
  2. A clean, simple, and seamless UX: One of the most evident changes that PUBG MOBILE has integrated into the Version 1.0 Update is the pure and simple UX. These changes significantly elevate a player’s experience from the moment you open the app, inconsequential of which map or mode a player decides to play. What used to be a cluttered UX to navigate has been improved with better space management techniques. The landing page of the app has been divided into three main buckets. Namely, Social engagements on the top left corner, gameplay options on the bottom left, and store on the top right of your screen. To navigate your system features, such as inventory, missions, workshops, and current season information, players must refer to the bottom right of their screens. PUBG MOBILE has focused on interactions, visuals, motions, and sound effects to improve quality. They have also launched an innovative multi-screen switching mode, which allows players to swiftly and smoothly switch from space to space.
  3. Brand new elements have been added to enable better survival tactics: In addition to upgrading existing features, PUBG MOBILE has now included an array of elements to the battleground that will help players take cover and plan surprise attacks, opponents. Erangel 2.0 now has trenches, wooden barricades, and abandoned tanks. These new elements come as a breath of fresh air to players looking to challenge themselves by creating and adopting new strategies and tactics into their gameplay.
  4. Familiar landing destinations get a reboot: To avoid players from getting too comfortable and break the monotony, PUBG MOBILE has made significant changes to popular drops on the map. Mylta Power has been remodeled with a new building layout to bring resource points closer to one another to support unexpected developments in battle. Quarry now has an improved terrain structure and a revised layout of buildings. PUBG MOBILE has added new and large warehouses and landing spots that make for additional spaces to loot. The landscape and terrain of Prison will now have other walls and adjusted layouts to challenge players to come up with new tactical options.
  5. New and Improved Buildings: The urbanized buildings in Erangel 2.0 have seen significant structural changes. This not only enhances the experience of attacking and defending but also enables players to develop new strategies in these revamped surroundings. PUBG MOBILE has also added basements in some buildings so that players will have more access to finding loot and hiding from their enemies.

It has been an exciting year for PUBG MOBILE fans with many experiences they have made available to fans. With the release of all-new maps, activities, and seasons, it truly is the inception of a New Era. With a couple more months left to the end of the year, PUBG MOBILE must have many more surprises lined up for players. We will have to wait and watch!