On April 28, 2023, with the help of a partnership between PUBG MOBILE, one of the most well-known mobile games in the world, and “Donkey King,” the highest-grossing animated feature film in Pakistan, the game will introduce Miss Fitna and Donkey Raja on April 14th, 2023. The Donkey King franchise clothes are now available to gamers thanks to this amazing cooperation, giving the game a fun and whimsical touch.

Players in the cooperation have a chance to win the Donkey Raja and Miss Fitna skins permanently through a drawing. To receive all rewards, play ten times. The first draw is only for 30UC. Additionally, by inviting friends to the collaboration event in the Event Centre, you can receive free outfits for a limited time.

In order to increase their chances of receiving surprise gifts and an extra RP Mission Card, players can also send invitations to friends who have not signed in for the past seven days. To win the reward, layers may invite the same buddy more than once while the event is going on.

We at GEO News are pleased to see PUBG MOBILE adding distinctive value to the Pakistani video gaming community, said Faizan Mubarak, Head of Corporate Affairs from GEO Tv Network, who was also present on the occasion of the cooperation between PUBG MOBILE and Donkey King. PUBG MOBILE has a lengthy history of effective campaigns that give players one-of-a-kind experiences that aren’t found anywhere else. PUBG MOBILE is currently introducing a new level of fun and exploration to the game as a result of the game’s exciting partnership with the Donkey King series. We are excited to see what else PUBG MOBILE has in store for Pakistani gamers going forward because this collaboration is sure to give players a new level of entertainment.

The partnership between PUBG MOBILE and Donkey King is one instance of how the game is continually expanding its offers. With the slogan #ShabaPakistan—term cricketers frequently use to compliment one another’s play—PUBG MOBILE became the official partner of the Pakistani Cricket Team in 2022. This partnership allowed players to take part in a virtual cricket league and earn in-game rewards. With players all around the nation, it was an instant hit.

In addition to these partnerships, PUBG MOBILE is dedicated to promoting the culture of the country. Many players have embraced the game to connect with their peers and display their skills, and it has quickly become a cultural phenomenon in the nation. The song “Game Strong Hai,” which celebrates the game’s fourth anniversary, demonstrates PUBG MOBILE’s commitment to the Pakistani music market and to its players. Popular Pakistani musicians BILAL SAEED and AIMA BAIG are included in the song, which emphasizes the game’s strong cultural origins in that nation.

PUBG MOBILE is dedicated to promoting the country’s culture and economy even as it broadens its offers and engages players in novel ways. The game is positioned to provide gamers with thrilling new experiences for years to come thanks to its most recent partnership with the Donkey King franchise.

Get ready to explore the intriguing new world of PUBG MOBILE and the Donkey King franchise with Donkey Raja and Miss Fitna starting on April 14th!

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