ptv internship opportunities
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Internship opportunities are your way into any industry. Even if you belong to some other industry, it wouldn’t really matter because you are not supposed to know any hard facts related to it. This is a position that solely focuses on teaching you the requirements of the job. Once you complete the internship duration, you can continue as a full-time worker or switch to other companies. The most recent opportunities are by PTV and the Digital Media Wing of the Government of Pakistan.

PTV & its achievements

Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), in the past, has seen some dark days. With the advent of the new channels, its popularity went down as well. However, we need to understand that it still has the most reach, even to the corners of the country most other cable channels cannot get to. Plus, in recent developments, PTV is even initiating HD broadcast of its channel. This will be a significant step in dealing with criticisms against it.

PTV Internship

Coming to the current discussion, PTV has announced that they are opening 200 internship positions for students. It is a year-long internship that will cover the following departments; Sports, News, Current Affairs, Program Production, Mass Communication, Media Sciences, Media Studies, etc.

The fields being addressed are Human Resource Management, Engineering, Information and Technology, Marketing and Sales, and Finance.

The eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria require you to be above 27 and have an HEC certified Master’s degree. If you qualify, download the application from the website and send it to the PTV Headquarters.

Digital Media Wing Internship

Other than the opportunity at PTV, there is another avenue. You can now intern at the Digital Media Wing in the Government of Pakistan. To be applicable for this internship, you need to be in the third or final year of your bachelor’s degree. You can belong to any of the following fields: Mass Communication, International Relations, Journalism, Public Policy and Administration, Media Sciences, Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, and Business Administration.

The age bracket you need to be in is 19-25 years. Moreover, even overseas students can apply. In case of appointment, it will be in the embassy of the country they are currently staying in. The opportunity is without discrimination, hence, it will also include students of registered madrassas.

If you are eligible and want to excel in your career in media, these are two golden chances. Of course, not everyone who applies will be selected, but it may just be the push you need to kickstart your career.

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