PTCL – Developing & Building Youth for a Better Pakistan


With the rapidly changing dynamics in the corporate sector, it is no longer possible to survive only with a degree and outdated skills.

Keeping in mind the competitive job market, fresh graduates require necessary hands on experience and enhanced skills to stand out and secure a good job.

Surely it is a tough learning curve for fresh graduates, they need to realise that professional setup has certain requirements, which goes far beyond their student life. In this digital era, the recent graduates and students have a wider access to knowledge as apart from traditional libraries, lecturers and course-works they also have comparatively easier platforms like e-Books, podcasts, various apps and other e-learning facilities.

Thus, there is no excuse for anyone in today’s digitally connected world to take the plea of ignorance or hide behind the pretext of having not enough time to explore more practical and professional learning opportunities that put them on the right path to successfully enter the corporate world.

Most of the leading organizations have various internship programs in place, which provide a proper orientation and a professional experience that helps fresh graduates.

Such programs further polish their skills and abilities as they undergo various assignments and projects that teaches them from time management to meeting project deadlines, from ability to work together with diverse teams to learning about code of conduct at work, from shared values & ethics to gender equality and cultural diversity.

One such organization that leads from the front in providing professional learning experience to graduates is Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL).

The company recently concluded its Flagship Summer Internship Program, Experia 2019 that targeted top universities of Pakistan and inducted 30 students from IBA Karachi, LUMS, NUST, GIKI, FAST Islamabad and University of London.

The Experians went through an extensive selection program, which included online testing, followed by on-campus assessment center and panel interviews. This selection process enabled PTCL to explore their cognitive and behavioural intelligence, along with their ability to adjust in a professional environment.

Working on real time business projects, the selected candidates were placed in multiple departments such as Human Resource Strategy, Training and Development, Finance, Legal, Business Services, Technology, Commercial and Corporate Communication.

They also had a holistic learning program in various functions like Employee Health & Safety Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility, Functional & Behavioural Competency Development, Way of Work and exposure to leadership teams.

These projects enabled the candidates to attain hands-on experience in their respective fields.

Not only were they mentored and guided by industry experts, they were also taken on field visits to the PTCL regional offices. This was instrumental to build their business acumen and develop their understanding on how the organization works at the ground level and in real time.

Besides functional skillset development, behavioural skill development is also essential in this challenging job market. To meet this purpose, project managers were assigned to each candidate for helping them to identify and work on their weak areas.

Presenting to seasoned professionals in PTCL, it gave the candidates an opportunity to be challenged and questioned on their methodologies and ideas on how to face real-life work scenarios.

Moreover, candidates also participated in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives at PTCL that further developed their volunteerism spirit. One of the major issues that our society faces nowadays is harassment, bullying and violence that needs to be addressed at all levels and everyone needs to realise its sensitivity.

The CSR activity was focused around a customized content on ‘bullying’ to create awareness and empower the primary school students.

The candidates delivered the content effectively reinforcing with a role play, a pledge and a colouring activity. The activity was simultaneously conducted at the Saaya Trust School Islamabad, the SOS School Lahore and the Wisdom House Academy Karachi.

In today’s age, it is truly heartening to see such initiatives where people actually come out and empower the deserving.

Seeing its significance for the betterment of the society, it is imperative that youth building initiatives are taken both at a company and an individual level. This will create a positive momentum within our youth for taking ownership in doing good that will also build positive perception of their employer and make them responsible citizens of the country.

Over the course of six weeks, the candidates shared their internship experience as one of the most learning, challenging and a fun journey. Experia program is one of PTCL’s efforts to support and nurture youth in Pakistan.

We are proud of our national carrier for promoting such initiatives and programs that provide a diverse, progressive and enabling environment to the country’s youth to develop their talents.

We have seen PTCL evolve as a brand whether it is to change its outlook as an employer or its brand perception through collaborations like Netflix, from supporting national cricket and hockey team to promoting gaming in Pakistan, which shows their commitment to look forward and bring new ideas into the organization.