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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of telecom services and protecting consumer rights. In April 2024 alone, PTA received a staggering 16,000+ complaints from telecom consumers against different telecom operators and cellular operators! Let’s have a closer look into the details of this significant issue and see how PTA addressed them.

The Complaint Landscape Broken Down

Let’s face it, dealing with telecom issues can be frustrating. Whether it’s dropped calls, slow internet, or billing disputes, these problems can disrupt our daily lives. But who do you turn to when things go wrong?

In Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) acts as a watchdog, ensuring fair practices and addressing consumer grievances. They might get more hate than love, but they have outperformed themselves in the past month.

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The complaints can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Problems with Service Quality: These grievances concern the level of service that telecom companies offer.
  • Illegal Practices: Customers brought to the attention of telecom operators’ unethical or illegal actions.
  • Issues with Mobile Number Portability (MNP): These complaints deal with problems that arise while transferring phone numbers between carriers.

CMOs unsurprisingly received the most complaints, considering the vast number of cellular mobile users in Pakistan compared to other telecom sectors. Let’s break down the complaints by carrier:

  1. Jazz – 5553 complaints
  2. Ufone – 1910 complaints
  3. Telenor – 2705 complaints
  4. Zong – 5701 complaints

PTA And Its Swift Response

The PTA deserves a round of applause for their impressive complaint handling! Out of the over 16,000 complaints received, a staggering 99% were swiftly resolved. This high resolution rate highlights the PTA’s dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction and holding telecom providers accountable.

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Although the PTA’s high resolution rate is praiseworthy, it can always be enhanced in one way or another. Important actions include streamlining the complaint filing procedure, raising public knowledge of what PTA can do for you, and promoting active customer-operator engagement. The high number of complaints might seem alarming, but PTA’s efficiency in resolving them is a positive sign.

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