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As the world fights the novel coronavirus, it seems like the world is already collapsing. From the bans to the lockdowns, it sure seems like everything’s coming to an end. The deadly virus has affected thousands of people all across the world.

Internet usage sees spike and customers are unhappy

Amid the outbreak, internet usage rose locally and globally due to the lockdown. In Pakistan, internet usage rose to 15% in a matter of one week due to the people stay at homes, as said by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).

In an official tweet on Thursday, PTA addressed and assured all the users that the country had “sufficient internet capacity” for the COVID-19 lockdown.

They further clarified as to why the users are experiencing problems saying, 

The increase has been observed due to increased online activities by educational institutions and businesses and, ‘work from home’ policy adopted by individuals and organizations,

Here’s the official tweet by PTA

PTA further said that,

There is sufficient internet capacity available in the country to meet the growing demands of the future,” it added. “PTA has been closely monitoring the internet usage patterns so as to ensure that fast & efficient telecom services remain available to the consumers in this difficult time.

Adding on to this, they also mentioned the steps they’ve taken to ensure the safe of their users. Here’s what they said,

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