At the PSL opening ceremony, Aima Baig was able to perform her rendition of the Pakistani national anthem. But the real question is, was it simple enough to win over the crowd? The PSL opening ceremony took place yesterday and Aima Baig was now of the artists who were to be performing. She not only sang her own songs with Sahir Ali Bagga but also started off the event with her own version of the Pakistani national anthem. Here is the video.

Netizens being netizens had a lot to say about the performance. And not all of it was good.  As a result of channeling her inner “Sia” and “Ariana Grande,” Aima was subject to trolling. Here are some of the opinions from Twitter.

Many fans also compared Aima Baig’s entry performance to Ali Zafar’s performances.

Moreover, many people also thought Aima Baig was PSL’s or PCB’s favorite since she has appeared in all PSL opening ceremonies to date.

The entire performance was awkward and embarrassing, to say the least. The Pakistani national anthem is an iconic anthem, we are sure we will remember Aima every time we hear this anthem from now on. Netizens’ reaction to Aima Baig’s song has been nothing short of hilarious. While some wondered about her obsession with English songs, others wondered how she managed to stay confident throughout the performance.

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