Proton and new milestone achieved
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When it comes to automobiles, Pakistan is certainly making a mark on the world. There is no doubt that the industry is starting to rise in the country and it is a good sign. Remember the time when we came across the pandemic last right? Despite the dire situation, Pakistan seems to be growing at a steady rate. Now, an automobile brand, Proton, has decided to celebrate the completion of a milestone.

Over the last months, we have seen many car brands enter Pakistan. They are not only known for their newness but also how much they are willing to invest here. Proton is a brand that came out with an SUV by the name of Proton X70. Its features are extremely impressive and not many can give it a hard competition. When it first came out, people were a bit sceptical of it because not many had heard of it. Once the reviews started pouring in, it quickly became one of the most popular ones in Pakistan.

Proton new miletsone achieved
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Achieving a Milestone:

So, what is this milestone that everyone is talking about? Due to Proton being a relatively new company here, it is understandable if the achievement itself is not over the moon. So, what has happened is that Proton has successfully sold 1000 units in Lahore. We are looking at the company collectively here so the number of sedans and SUVs can differ.

However, seeing how impressed the public was with the Proton X70, it is no doubt those 1000 units have already been sold. The company promised to deliver on quality and they did not compromise anywhere. The vehicle itself is a 1500cc SUV with two variants in it. There is the AWD version as well as the FWD version. A lot can depend on a budget but the final choice comes down to preference too.

Proton Rising High:

While it may not be as old as some titans in the country, the brand certainly has made a good first impression. Of course, first impressions can also change but we have not seen anything like that yet. The company is celebrating its milestone on social media and they have every right to do so. This also shows the public that the brand is not lagging, it’s bounding forward.

Where there is the SUV, there is also the release of the Proton Saga. It is a sedan that took the world by storm a few weeks back. People were aware of its development but they weren’t sure of its release. However, unlike the X70, here the people weren’t doubtful at first because the first vehicle launch was good.

Proton and new achievement gotten
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If you wish to check out the specifications on these vehicles, do look them up. The Proton X70 itself is quite cheaper as compared to the rest of the SUVs in the domain. Its current price rating is between Rs.46 to Rs.50 Lac. We hope that the brand continues to rise high and surprise us with more vehicles in the future.

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