Project Starline: Google Chat Is Taking Video Calls To The Next Level

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If we take a look at tech giants today, Google is among the top ones. If there is a tech food chain, Google can be considered as an apex predator out for prey. They have made so many advancements in their field that it is highly impressive. So, what is so special about Project Starline?

We know that Project Starline is Google’s step towards better video technology. It is their attempt at wanting to improve the video chat experience. According to them, there are a lot of prospects available for this type of technology. What exactly have they done with Starline? Let us dive into the details.

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Google And Its Applications:

Google is a company that is constantly on the rising. The search engine itself is so powerful and singular that not many challenge it. You search for anything and it is going to give you a plethora of results. You can never go wrong when you’re looking for information. Of course, you can always refer to books and visit a library but Google has books too.

The advancement in video chatting is quite an interesting one. In Starline, you may not feel as if you are talking on a call. It might actually feel like that the person is sitting across from you. Not only is this type of technology new, but it is also quite interesting to see how such a feeling can be initiated.

Project Starline And Prospects

The technology behind Starline combines many areas of research. Some of these are Machine Learning, Spatial Audio, Computer Vision, and Real-time compression. All of this help give out a result such as what we are seeing with Starline. Google decided to test out its equipment on a handful of volunteers.

They were asked to chat with each other on the video call and many of them claimed the same thing. The call itself was so detailed that it did not feel like a virtual meeting. To them, it felt like the person was sitting in the same room in front of them.

Advancements In Tech

Right now, project Starline is only available in a handful of Google offices. Additionally, currently, it’s using special equipment to run but Google wants to make it more affordable. They want to make sure that everyone can experience this form of technology. Despite there being a lack of equipment, a lot of people want to be a part of this.

With time, we may see the integration of this technology in many more places. We cannot even imagine the many prospects that this brings. It can also help bring people together because they will feel more comfortable. The amount of detail that is focused on in Starline is quite impressive and must be appreciated.

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