Karachi, 18-05-22: The PBC’s Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business (CERB), in partnership with EBM hosted a workshop on employee wellbeing in the workplace as part of its ongoing project – SDG Leadership Programme. The workshop focused on the growing relevance of emotional wellbeing as a factor of employee wellbeing. Organizations can commit to SDG 3 – Good Health and wellbeing, by providing employees facilities which focus on both physical and mental health.

“The business case for employee wellbeing is clear,” remarked Dr. Zeelaf Munir, CEO of EBM. “It increases productivity as a result of a nourishing work environment. In such environments, employees genuinely flourish and grow alongside the company.” She further added how in addition to employee wellbeing, EBM remains committed to introducing initiatives to improve the wellbeing of stakeholders and the community at large.
The workshop was facilitated by the British Asian Trust, featuring experts supporting employee wellbeing mechanisms in the corporate sector. Experts from Taskeen, Saaya health, and Synapse raised awareness of the supportive roles that can be played at an individual level, by line managers in supporting diverse teams, and the importance of the knowledge of mental first aid.

‘The work-life balance is changing, with the advent of social media and technology. It is important now to realise when stress can be a positive driver and when it can lead to distress,’ highlighted Sanaa Ahmed, British Asian Trust. ‘Employee engagement has become key to managing employee health’.