Now and then, there comes a time when you need to repurpose one thing into another. But here’s one that will leave you thinking. In a video shared by Shubhanji Pandit on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, we see a pressure cooker, a common kitchen appliance, being used as an iron. That’s right… an iron. It seems perhaps the worst of times had come upon this poor lady, and this was her last resort to wear her clothes neatly pressed.

How to Repurpose a Pressure Cooker

In the particular video shared, we see this woman repurpose the pressure cooker and use the steam to smooth out any wrinkles. The woman heated the appliance till it began to whistle, indicating that it had reached its maximum level of steam. After that, she rushes with it into another room and she uses the hot cooker to promptly iron out her shirt.

She captions the post,
“Salutations to dear sister.”

Take a look at this absurd way to iron clothes:

Now, most people who came across this unique method of ironing clothes laughed it off. The rest began to point out the health hazards and dangers of this 5-minute craft.

pressure cooker filling up
Shubhani showed us how to use a pressure cooker to iron clothes

We’ve all heard endless horror stories about pressure cookers exploding in kitchens and taking the lives of all those there. As a result, the use of this appliance itself is highly discouraged. Regardless, netizens seem to enjoy this innovative method as the video has now generated over 1000 likes and Shubhani’s followers keep on increasing.

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