In a special meeting with His Excellency Mehmet Paçacı, Ambassador of Republic of Turkey to Pakistan, President ILM Trust/UMT Ibrahim Hasan Murad announced an educational scholarship worth $1 million for Turkish youth.

During the meeting, President UMT Ibrahim Murad condemned the recent terror attack in Istanbul, adding that the Pakistani nation expressed solidarity with their Turkish brethren in this hour of tragedy.

Mr Murad appreciated the efforts of the Turkish government to put the country on the road to progress. He said the Pakistani and Turkish people are like brothers and Pakistan would always stand by its Turkish brothers despite all odds.

In addition to the scholarship announcement for the education and capacity building of Turkish youth, Murad said. UMT would always welcome students and faculty from Turkey for higher education and research.

His Excellency Mehmet Paçacı appreciated the educational efforts of UMT and thanked President UMT for his generous offer of scholarships. He added that higher education institutions like UMT were playing a key role in nation building. The ambassador also praised the efforts and vision of Ibrahim Hasan Murad for the promotion of education.

Later, Ibrahim Murad presented a souvenir to the Turkish Ambassador, Mr Mehmet Paçacı.


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