Earlier this week RapidCompute, Pakistan’s largest local cloud service provider, announced the formal launch of Cobolt (Powered by OpenStack), a platform that is aimed to provide the customers with tools that manage core cloud-computing services of computing, networking, and storage in a much faster and efficient manner. With the launch of this new product, they have also introduced a new customer portal – Portal 3.0, which allows the customer to perform multiple operations that come with new product offerings as part of Cobolt.

Rapid has always considered itself to be a pioneer in cloud computing trends and services in Pakistan. Keeping in line with this approach, the organization has introduced some advanced features available on leading global clouds that enable the customer to manage their infrastructure through a simple and intuitive interface.

Portal 3.0 was developed with a very clear objective in mind; to provide users with complete control of their computing resources, the ability to create clusters and deploy multiple nodes in a complex environment with just one click. It is completely optimized for use on web browsers and iOS/Android tablets and phones – for ready access to critical services on the go.

The portal was built with a modular approach to provide flexibility and agility.  Integrating some of the globally used and locally sought products such as:

  • Kubernetes as a Service
  • Database as a Service
  • Load Balancer as a Service
  • Security Groups and KeyPairs
  • Multiple Volume Types
  • Live Chat Support
  • Data Center Overview

All of these products boost business agility, availability, and efficiency. It will not only give your IT staff better access to IT resources but will make it very convenient for developers to provision machines rapidly on-demand. Faster deployment of resources also means business units can roll out and complete projects earlier than before.

According to Mr. Shahzaib Khan, Commercial Head RapidCompute:

The portal is an easy way to deploy resources in complete harmony to the needs of your business. It enables the management to drive transformations required for the business to innovate faster and build a sustainable competitive advantage. In the age of customer, it is not just the enterprise sector that can benefit from OpenStack but also startups that are working on bringing new and innovative products to the market”

He also mentioned how the company engages with the customers for feedback which allows them to understand better what the customers seek. He also highlighted the “cutting-edge features” that RapidCompute provides, unlike any other cloud provider in Pakistan.

The edge we have of being a local cloud service provider is that our teams understand the needs of this market and are always working to bring the best practices and popular features used by international cloud providers.

On Cobolt (Powered by OpenStack), companies can adjust their infrastructure according to the needs of the business. OpenStack enables you to provision machines on-demand; they can significantly reduce development and testing periods and having more freedom to experiment with ideas. It is a platform that suits businesses of all sizes; it is designed to be ready for scaling, whether that’s scaling up or down.

Imtiaz Ahmed Khan, Chief Technical Officer, Rapid, commented,

“Being the pioneer of Cloud Computing in Pakistan, Rapid is constantly working towards integrating new products and cutting-edge features. With Cobolt, we are the first Pakistani cloud provider to be offering Magnum (Kubernetes as a Service) and Trove (Database as a Service). The launch of Portal 3.0 is just the beginning. Soon, you’ll be hearing about the addition of many more products to the Cobolt ambit.”  

Rapid is currently the largest public and private cloud provider in the country and recently celebrated a decade serving Pakistani enterprises. It has been Pakistan’s trailblazer in offering cloud computing, networking services, and management tools for digitizing all areas of businesses and industry.

Rapid continues to be one of the largest providers of cloud services to the government, financial sector, and large-scale enterprises. For procuring Rapid’s cloud services you can get in touch at sales@rapidcompute.com or info@rapidcompute.com.