It all began when Olpers came out with a TVC attacking Nestle Nido and projecting it as if it had been caught in a lie!

Oh yes, it did!.. or have they really?

If that wasn’t enough, a “Public service message” which was more like a tantrum suddenly started filling up our streams/newsfeed.


Amazed by their “directness” of the content, we sat back and waited to see what comes next!

As expected NIDO did clap back but in a way, we did not totally expect!

The response was well how should I put it… addressing the point directly? Hard hitting? YES. CAN WE SAY IT WAS “CLASSY”? Probably yes.

Not only did the brand thank its competitors, but it also offered to invite people to come to visit their factory and get their facts right.



Following this very public and brutally humble takedown, the loyal NIDO babas and mamas seem to have taken to Twitter to support their “favorite” brand.

Looks like a solidarity movement beginning with #MorethanMilk

Here is how it went down, grab them popcorns: