One of Pakistan’s well-known YouTubers that goes by ‘Ukhano’ has found himself in hot waters after an unexpected social media backlash after a young girl accused him of ‘attempted rape’.

A post has surfaced online where a netizen tried to reveal how the YouTuber has been trying to reach her out.

She took to her Facebook account and wrote:

Rant time: So he sends me req, gets added and then asks for snaps as to show him my work (an excuse) and when I keep ignoring him, he unfollows me and after a month he repeats this same cycle I mean what is this guy lmao please grow up.


Her post caught the attention of a number of other girls as well and they also came forward with their allegations of sexual violence.

One of the girls also commented:

He added me on snapchat and was adamant k ye multan aye and we go on a date, i replied politely k sure dinner is on me to which he called me boring and told me im no fun, he kept suggesting that we ‘do’ something ‘fun’ on the date. I ended the conversation by saying im not a good texter sorry!


What really shocked us to the core was when a girl commented:

He tried to rape me.

She also added:

Harassed me to a point where I wanted to give up, degraded me, but I never came forward because he is a big shot and I knew no one would believe me, all our conversations were deleted because he blocked me so I didn’t have proof.

Well, seems like things are getting uglier for Ukhano!

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