Popular clothing retailer, Nishat Linen is known for its good quality, colorful and vibrant prints and is a brand that people respect and love for years in the Pakistani fashion industry.

However, a recent incident has come to light that has angered people towards the mighty brand. A newly launched print in Nishat’s pret wear collection has hurt the sentiments of a Pakistani national as the images on the clothing item have caused disrespect to certain religious beliefs.

Here’s what a Nishat customer complained of their official Facebook page.

“A few days ago, I came across this Nishat Linen design which looked good in a glance so i bought it. Yesterday my sister pointed out portraits of Hindu Gods on it. “

She further mentioned how unethical this was on Nishat Linen’s part.

“We live in a free society and we respect our minorities, everyone has the right to wear whatever he wants or the company to print whatever they like but the fact that we live in an Islam dominant society and wearing this is Haram. People got to say prayer/recite Quran. This is highly unethical and against the standards of society on part of NL not to intimate the customers about this before buying.”

Read her complete post here!

The Nishat ready to wear ‘Kurta’ with the portraits of Hindu gods printed on them.

After the customer raised her concerns over social media, it created an uproar and many chanted the ‘ban Nishat’ slogan as well. 

Some also encouraged others to stop buying from the brand!

Nishat Linen has not yet responded to the allegations made by the customer.

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