Pig in Station
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Every day, there are countless events happening around us. Many events connect to each other in ordinary or bizarre ways. You must have heard of the butterfly effect. What exactly is it? The principle states that a butterfly flapping its wings on one end of the earth can cause a tsunami on the other end. This speaks volumes about actions and consequences.

How your acts can define how events shape the future. It is all connected, honestly. The famous tv series ‘Dark’ has us scratching our heads in confusion after every season! The recent one is the most bizarre of them all! Speaking of bizarre news, one extremely odd one has popped up.at our desk today. Apparently, an animal entered a police station and frightened everyone out of it! What creature has the capability to pull this off? A lion? No, it was a pig!

Pig enters police station
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The Animal Kingdom

The kingdom is full of various kinds of creatures and animals. They consist of birds as well as ground walkers. More so, there are oceans full of creatures that are extremely interesting to watch. One of these creatures is the pig. It is considered quite an unclean animal, mainly cause of its tendency to eat waste material.

It is one of the reasons that the eating of the pig is forbidden in Islam. Eating its meat can also cause quite a lot of diseases as well as long term health issues. So, what exactly happened? In Moro Police Station today, two pigs barged in the door and started roaming around the station. Reportedly, the staff decided to vacate and gathered outside the building while the pigs wreaked havoc inside!

A Most Unusual Incident

One of the creatures was driven out by the locals of the area and the second was allegedly beaten out of the station. Pigs have become quite a nuisance in recent years as well. During the time of President Musharraf, hunters used to be paid a handsome amount for hunting and killing warthogs and rogue pigs.

These creatures ruin the crops by digging up seeds and then spitting them out. This was quite an unusual incident that occurred today and it is most rare too! Let us hope no more wildlife enters into stations and scares away our protectors!

Police station barged by Pig
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To Serve & Protect

It is perfectly ordinary to be afraid of a charging animal. There are times when people take bulls as tame animals and when they start chasing, all hell breaks loose. There is a whole festival in Spain which revolves around bulls chasing people. So, it can be considered okay to be afraid of an animal that suddenly entered your premises.

We hope all the members of the staff are alright and have not sustained any injuries. Stories from interior Sindh tell us that pigs, especially warthogs, are not creatures to be taken lightly. They can ram you hard enough to send you flying a couple of feet! Take care of yourselves, everyone. Anything can happen in 2021!

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