Social media distraction
Image Source: YouTube

Argentina Police got creative with their Out-Of-Home Advertising, and it was an interesting way to capture the biggest issue in the driving world; distraction. And not just any distraction, the advertisement was primarily targetting social media distraction.

Social Crash

Social media distraction is getting momentarily distracted by popular social media apps, but momentary distraction can lead to major losses. It is this phenomenon that the Police department displayed in their ‘Social Crash’.

The visuals are truly captivating but equally scary. They show cars literally rammed into the application icons. For the purpose of this ad campaign, they used actual vehicles. And craved the app icons from metals. After that, the cars were rammed into those icons. The rammed car and the icon were then placed like a billboard sign on a raised platform near roads.

social media distraction Image Source: YouTube

Advertising on distracted driving

JPG created this advertising message for the Argentinian Police back in 2019. But looking at this ad right now, it reminds one of yet another campaign; this one by a car brand. The campaign got random people to take part in the test. They were asked how long do they think they get distracted for. Most of them believed that it was one or two seconds. In reality, it was 4 to 5 seconds. As part of that campaign, they got these participants to drive a car in a simulated setting. While they were doing that, the organizers made the windows and windshield opaque when they get distracted by phones. When the drivers got out after driving, they saw the chaos they had unleashed in the simulated setting.

This campaign and the social crash campaign all signal towards what even slight distraction can result. And this is not mere talk. The numbers are all documented. So let’s understand the value of human life and play our part in preserving it, shall we?

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