The substandard quality of products available in Pakistan is an ongoing problem. From basic necessities to luxury items, everything needs to be double checked before consumption!

However, it becomes tough when people find out they’ve been paying an extra amount for something being sold off as ‘hygienic’ and ‘pure’. It has been reported that a complaint has been made by opposition leader of PTI in the Punjab assembly against those companies selling polluted poisonous water in mineral water bottles.

Muhammad Sibtain Khan, deputy opposition leader, PTI mentioned, 

“A report had 104 contaminated samples of mineral water were found in various areas of the city.”

He further explained how the water can be termed as, ‘poison’ and said that poisonous water is being sold in the name of mineral water.

He also adds people involved in this business were cheating people and also earning billions. However, no one has taken any action against the companies responsible for the hazardous water.

In January, the PCRWR reported that almost 10-15% of the water has been contaminated and filled with chemicals since the year 2002.

These 11 mineral water brands had been found contaminated by the PCRWR: 

  1. Well Care
  2. Lite Aqua
  3. New Premier
  4. Royal Blue
  5. Aqua Safe
  6. Aqua Drink Water
  7. Rahat
  8. Oslo
  9. NG Fresh Water
  10. Nurturmil Water
  11. Aab-e-Khoob

Arsenic Found in Pakistan’s Water Supply: WHO Report

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