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If you are a medical student aspiring to seek education in your field, this post is for you. Everything related to the education in medical fields gets rerouted to the candidates through Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). So for the academic year starting in 2021 as well, PMC has announced the admission process. These guidelines are concerning private medical and dental colleges.

PMC Admission announcement

The Commission has released the instructions in a four-part series. But the most important clause is that the candidates who have attained 12 years of education abroad are exempted from the MDCAT exam. They do, however, have to submit SAT scores, and a score below 480 in any SAT II subject would make them ineligible. It should be noted, though, that this exemption is only for the year 2021.


Moreover, since SAT-I was not held globally, the candidates do not need to submit English scores. They need to submit the scores for these subjects: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics/Maths.  

The students who got their education locally need to have a minimum of 65% result in their FSc or HSSC. If the candidates have attained education in the Cambridge system, they need to show 65% or more in their IBCC equivalent certificate of their A-levels result.

They have clearly highlighted no quota system for international students this time, and everything shall be on merit. So if the application is not fulfilling any eligibility criteria, they will be rejected.


The whole admission process, the PMC says, will be on merit. And the way they will be calculating the merit is around the following weightage:

– F-SC/A-Levels IBCC equivalence certificate: 30%
– Interview: 20%

Aside from fulfilling the merit criteria, the applicants also need to present some documents. These documents include Picture (preferably passport size), CNIC/Passport (something to identify you with), F-SC/HSSC/A-Level equivalence certificate, and SAT II document (if applying on this basis).

If you have the right merit score and have all the documents, then you can apply to as many colleges as you want; there is no limit. The minimum requirement is at least one MBBS or BDS college. But choose wisely because it is not just about attaining a degree; it is your stepping stone in the medical field. And if the base is misplaced, the whole structure may tumble down.

Best of luck to all the aspiring MBBS and BDS doctors out there!

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