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Prime Minister Imran Khan will be visiting Karachi today, September 5, 2020, to disclose the Karachi Transformation Plan (KTP) — a developmental plan for the metropolis to counter the devastating effects of the torrential rains that wrecked the city.

The disastrous spell of monsoon rain did not only take numerous lives but also put a question mark on the flawed and imbalanced administrative policies that have been governing the economic hub of Pakistan for years.

PM Imran Khan To Transform Karachi With A Rs.802bn Plan!

Prepared under the guidance of Prime Minister Imran Khan himself, the excellent transformation plan for Karachi is worth Rs.802 billion and addresses the key concerns of the citizens.

Among six mass transit systems included in the transformation plan, the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) plan is an Rs300 billion plan for which China would be contributing Rs250 billion and the government of Sindh would provide the remaining Rs50 billion.

Other major development projects included in the Karachi Transformation Plan consist of four concrete waste management projects worth Rs14.86 billion, eight sewerage projects worth Rs162.60, several road construction and repair projects for about Rs62.30 million, and two water drainage projects for Rs4.7 billion.

Karachiites are eagerly waiting for PM Imran Khan to reach Karachi and unveil further details about the Karachi Transformation Plan.

PM Imran Khan’s Concern for Karachi

The condition of the metropolis is constantly deteriorating with time.  According to the Sindh Governor – Mr. Imran Islmail, PM Imran Khan is especially concerned for the city after the devastation caused by the sixth spell of monsoon rain in Karachi. In Geo New’s “Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath,” Imran Ismail mentioned that the Karachi Transformation Plan had addressed all the problems of the mega-city.

Well, we have ourselves been witnessing Mr. Prime Minister’s concern for Karachi on Twitter as well.

In late August, amidst the melancholy of the terrible Karachi rains, PM Imran Khan’s tweet was received with sighs of contentment where he promised the people of Karachi that they would not be abandoned. He also assured them that a pragmatic plan will soon be articulated to propose a permanent solution for the problems that they have been facing ever since.

Have a look at Mr. Prime Minister’s tweet yourself:

It looks like Prime Minister Imran Khan is about to fulfill his promise as he acknowledges that the growth of Pakistan is associated with the progress of its financial and industrial capital — Karachi.

It’s good to know that Mr. Prime Minister is all set to rescue The City of Lights from drowning into darkness and hopelessness. After all, Karachi is the heart of Pakistan.

Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, for being our ray of hope.

Are you as eager as we are for PM Imran Khan to visit Karachi? Do you think that Imran Khan’s Karachi Transformation Plan (KTP) will save Karachi? Let us know in the comment section below!

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