PM Imran Khan To Distribute Flats & Houses To Labour Class

PM Imran Khan To Distribute Flats & Houses To Labour Class
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PM Imran Khan is all set to inaugurate the fully constructed phase I of the Labour Complex. The event is happening at Japan Road Zone V Islamabad. Today, he will distribute the possession certificate of 1,000 flats and 500 houses to the eligible workers.

PM Imran Khan To Distribute Flats & Houses To Labour Class
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This distribution is going to take place today with a transparent balloting process. The balloting allows all the eligible workers to have a fair chance. This will mark the completion of the first phase of this housing scheme.

Zulfi Bukhari, the spokesperson to the PM Imran Khan, also said that the second phase of the Labour Complex is about to launch that would be developed on modern lines. The second phase will provide accommodations to more than 1,500 laborers of the federal capital.

According to Zulfi Bukhari, the first phase of construction started in earlier 2011. However, due to the previous government’s slackness, the project never sought the light of the day.

The new policy 

The spokesperson to PM Imran Khan also stated that the workers would be entitled to get the banks’ incentives to a lender for financing a housing facility under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The houses to the workers would be provided on an ownership basis instead of rentals.

Eligibility criteria for workers 

  • The workers should not own any property.
  • They should not have any allotment in any housing scheme
  • The eligible workers should not be a convict.
  • The workers should not own more than Rs 500,000 assets.
  • They should not own more than Rs 500,000 assets and must be registered with Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) or Employees Social Security.
PM Imran Khan To Distribute Flats & Houses To Labour Class
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Amenities included in the policy by PM Imran Khan.

The surface area covers 750 Square feet and has two rooms and a kitchen with a lounge and bathroom. However, each house was built at 775 square feet, which has a ground floor, rooms, kitchen, lounge, and bathroom.

The complex has other amenities that include a Masjid, utility stores, community center dispensary. A water supply network along with gross drainage and sewerage works.

However, the second phase’s amenities will include a model school for girls and boys, a polytechnical college, parks, a playground, and many others.

PM Imran Khan’s government revived this scheme after taking charge of the current government. As the previous government started this project, the policies were changed with the federal cabinet’s approval.

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