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There have been many products reveals this year. The most recent of which was the iPhone 12. The phone was released in 4 variants over the online-only apple event. It received an enormous amount of praise as well as criticism. Then it became the subject of trolling on Instagram and Twitter!

Similarly, Sony revealed the design and specifications of one of its most anticipated products. They revealed the PlayStation 5! Now imagine, for a moment, that we are in a parallel universe, and Apple owns Sony. This might be the vision that one PlayStation 5 Fan had when he made a commercial that took a jab at Apple!

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The Buildup

So, what exactly led to this most recent jab at Apple? Basically, when Apple released the iPhone 12, it took one thing out of perspective. It decided not to include the charger and earphones with the product. This was, as they claimed, done due to environmental reasons.

It raised quite a large amount of criticism that people have to pay extra for the phone’s necessities. How can one buy an iPhone 12 if one does not intend to charge it? There have even been statements and questions about the compatibility of previous chargers with the new iPhone. So whatever the user does, they must buy the charger or live with a dead iPhone 12.

Now, this decision of Apple brought about a lot of memes and jokes as well. One PlayStation 5 Fan decided to make an ingenious commercial of the console through the eyes of Apple.

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The Commercial

The commercial itself is made on a simplistic theme, as one would expect from Apple. It shows very little in terms of product design and uses awkward zoom-ins and transitions. The commercial is quite typical of an Apple advertisement. Even the online-only event was playing such a playlist before it began. Even the overall design of the commercial feels like it’s quite minimalistic. Apple thrives on bringing simplicity to its branding and products, so this was an obvious jab.

It contains trendy music, as they often use. The fan goes by the internet handle ‘itsfredi,’ and they have seemingly constructed a masterpiece. This is the next level of memes on a wider scale. Someone had the time and vision to actually make a whole commercial, with subtle jabs at Apple. Maybe not too subtle, but quite.

The Prime Moment

We have not even reached the best part of the fan commercial. Before the commercial cuts, it delivers a serious blow to Apple’s latest product. The commercial, while advertising the PlayStation 5, says ‘Controller to be sold separately.’ This line alone takes the cake! It was so subtle that everyone who caught it must have gone into a state of ‘Woah!’

Clearly, that is an obvious jab at Apple’s decision not to include the charger and earphones! How is the world able to house such people with so many ingenious ideas? Imagine going to buy a brand new PlayStation 5 and bringing it home to savor it. Now imagine opening the box to find out you actually need to buy a controller to play the games. But that’s okay because you own a PlayStation 5! The controller is just something extra.

That was the latest on the technology front, with the fan commercial going highly viral.

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