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Ice Cream is love. You are sad? Let’s have ice cream. You are happy? Let’s have ice cream. But pickles are something different. You add them when you want to savour a dish. Now, what if you brought the two things together? You will get pickled ice cream.

Right? Wouldn’t this how you would react?

Stranger Foods

But it seems that this combination is not as uncommon as you would assume it to be. It exists and people do try it, sometimes for fun.

Sane people like us, however, do exist who suggest this weird combo as a taunt and not an actual thing.

Its on the pregnant ladies’ menu

But not everyone who craves this strange food is crazy. Sometimes, they are just pregnant. And the cravings of a pregnant lady, one must not judge. That said, would it be okay to judge one’s pregnancy status if they ask for a pickled ice cream?

On being told to write about it, at first, I made the face like the gif above. On the other hand, I was intrigued as well. So I took it up. As I researched more about the pickled ice cream, it became clear that it is just that majority people don’t eat this flavour. For those who do, though, some companies have even introduced it as a flavour.

Food Bloggers test it

Food bloggers go around tasting them because strange food combinations are eye-catchy. Reading up on their reviews, it does seem one would not hate it were they to try it. In fact, it is only those (including me) who haven’t tried it who express disgust. Almost everyone who ate it has converted to team pickled ice cream.

Seeing the rising tide in favour of the flavour, I will pass the decree of it being not strange. But will I try it? Not so much. Because I am a staunch believer of ‘Joey Doesn’t Share Mess With Food!”

Ice cream is supposed to be sweet!

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