phone charging hack
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You spend so much money on new phones and what do you know? Within a few days or weeks, the charging starts becoming less effective. Either there is an issue with plugging or with the speed. If you’ve been experiencing this like the rest of us, we’ve got you covered (and it costs nothing!)

Why Can The Port Become Blocked?

Your charging port – be it Android or Apple – is not covered. That is why all the dust, debris, and other things are always a threat to it. So, every time your phone falls into the cracks of sofas or you stuff them inside bags or pockets, there is something going on. All the dust or subtle particles you can not see get inside the port. Pockets have pocket fluff too and hey, it’s not our fault! Most denim companies advise you to wash your jeans once in two months.  

phone charging hack
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When Does This Become A Problem?

This will not be a problem just in a day. However, over weeks and months when your phone’s port keep collecting it, it becomes one. Slowly, but surely, the port starts getting clogged. This often results in the charging efficacy of your charger declining.

phone charging hack
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It becomes a solid obstruction between the lead of a charger and the inside of your port!

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Toothpick Hack

What you’ll be needing is a cocktail stick, a toothpick or any other thin item that you feel can go inside your port. But not everything might work! You need something that can scrape material out. A wood or plastic material can be better as it is less likely to damage the inside while doing the work. Want our wisdom? Use the SIM removal Apple provides you!

phone charging hack
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Once you have your tools, here’s how to do it. Insert the tool inside your charging port very gently. Gauge when it can not go further and that’s when you need to begin to slightly scrape. Scrape in an outward motion so whatever fluff is there can also actually come out. This hack has helped most people charge their phones better. If in case even this doesn’t work for you, then it might just be time for a new charger!

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