In today’s digital age, a smartphone’s worth heavily relies on the camera quality and photography features as the young generation loves capturing life around them on the go. Pakistan’s favorite smartphone brand, TECNO, recently launched their first aesthetically designed flagship device, Phantom X across the nation. TECNO’s latest premium smartphone not only carries a luxurious and premium look with its borderless design but also comes with industry-leading camera technology and updated photography features, perfect for capturing any moment.

Phantom X brings TECNO users a revolutionary experience with its amazing camera technology that will make anybody a master photographer. Equipped with an exceptional Quad rear camera, this phone produces high-quality photos like never seen before. The main 50MP Ultra-Night Camera with the 1/1.3-inch Super Light Sensitive Camera Ultra-Large Sensor captures crisp and clear photos bringing a wider ISO range and less noise resulting in detailed and dynamic photos.

This premium device offers a remarkable portrait photo performance as it uses a 50mm focal lens which enhances the picture quality. What’s noteworthy is that Phantom X uses AI to restore the portraits by automatically sharpening and improving image quality so your images will never come out blurry. Some other unique photography features include Ultra-HD mode that offers greater clarity, Super Night tripod mode that captures night beyond the naked eye, and more.

Selfie lovers can cheer as the Phantom X is equipped with a dual selfie camera that comes with unlimited features. The staggering 48MP Ultra-Clear Selfie Camera takes vibrant and natural quality pictures without changing your face tone so you can capture every color and bright smiles in all its glory. Moreover, capturing group selfies won’t be a hassle any longer as the Phantom X automatically expands the field of view to 105° using the Ultra-Wide Angle.

Phantom X not only offers excellent camera features for photo lovers but video experts as well. As the phone is integrated with the leading Night Video Algorithm making videos appear brighter and clearer whether it’s day or night. In addition, the film mode lets you edit your fun cinematic videos and the incredible 960fps Slow Motion helps capture the essence of passing moments.

So buckle up to become a master photographer and video expert with Phantom X’s outstanding camera quality and features guaranteeing an extraordinary experience!