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People with disabilities have to exist in a world where they cannot function as easily as the rest of us. Because of not accommodating them, they are forced to take a back seat and keep away from the public sphere. P&G aims to tackle just that; they plan to bring them into the public eye, and with that, they have become the forerunner of initiating a culture that is more diverse and inclusive.

P&G and People With Disabilities

As part of this initiative, Proctor & Gamble has taken onboard employees who are disabled. Through Ariel and Safeguard, P&G has employed brand ambassadors Zoya and Fariha, who show that what others might assume a weakness for them, they can overcome it. They need someone to believe in them. And P&G gives them the trust they need to excel because ‘struggle’ for them is not new; it is something that they have been doing since the very beginning, but the belief that someone can place in you can be the most powerful motivator for anyone.

Fariha & Safeguard

Take Fariha, for instance. The narrative of her story tells us that she has faced quite a lot of trouble due to her hand, but she didn’t shy away from the struggle. And thankfully, it got noticed by Safeguard, so now, what people considered her weakness, she employs it as her strength in doing her job.

Zoya & Ariel

When one cannot have a verbal conversation, they are forced to believe that they need to be silent. But with the support of Ariel, Zoya tells you that just because she cannot speak does not mean she cannot have a voice. With that, she becomes the salesgirl for the brand explaining through sign language as well as texts on a digital screen the qualities of the product she aims to sell.

One needs to acknowledge the company’s efforts, which did not come up with excuses for not hiring people with disabilities, saying that they may not be able to adjust. Instead, they ensured an environment where the special hires would feel welcome in any way possible. And so, before putting them out there, P&G trained all of them, including Zoya and Fariha, with the solutions that each of them might need, be it sign language or technological solutions. Not only that, to further accommodate them, the company provides transport service to them.

It is high time companies started following the example set by P&G because if we are not going to start now, then when?

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