The Punjab Food Authority has been known for taking strict actions against substandard quality foods, imperfect manufacturing, and unhygienic conditions.

The regulatory body has now banned bottled water from three companies that have failed to meet the quality standards required by the PFA. It comes as a shock as some renown drinking water brands are on the list too!

A survey was conducted in Lahore and collected samples from across the city which were then to Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research for testing. 14 Samples were collected in total.

3 Companies Banned by the Punjab Food Authority

  1. Aquafina
  2. Kinley
  3. Springley

Samples from the Water and Sanitation Agency have also been collected, it was also reported that various samples were taken from private and government hospitals too. The results have not been received as yet.

The 14 Companies Included in Testing Were:

  1. Aquafina
  2. Sufi
  3. Kinley
  4. Aqua Safe
  5. Blu Water
  6. Sparkle
  7. Kinz
  8. Naimat
  9. Bottle Water
  10. Pure Drinking Water
  11. Nestle Pure Life
  12. Murree Sparkletts
  13. Zam Zam
  14. Springley

The 14 ‘mineral water’ brands were tested and only 11 passed the of being ‘Plain or Safe Water’. However, none of these were passed as ‘Mineral Water’.

It has been reported that the three companies have been banned from producing and supplying water. As per the samples tested it was discovered that hazardous material including germs and chemicals were found in the water that is harmful to human health.

The companies have now been asked to have a product recall of their stock already present in the market.


It is sad to see big renown brands misleading the public by using the term ‘mineral water’ when their brand has only passed being ‘plain or safe water’. These water companies have now been asked by the PFA to make changes.

The Director General of the PFA has informed company representatives that they can appeal after which samples would be re-tested from both government and private labs. However, if the company were to fail the test again, their premises would be sealed and production would be halted.


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