The important debate that has been happening since last two years resurfaces! The whole of Pakistan is eager to know if they will be getting a holiday for Iqbal Day November 9th, 2017.

November 9, Iqbal Day, has long been declared as a public holiday in Pakistan. With the birthday of the national poet just around the corner, debates are bound to continue on why a holiday is not being declared. The holiday was abolished in 2015 by the Interior Ministry.

In order to re-declare Iqbal Day as a public holiday, a petition was filed in the Lahore High Court.

The petition states that Iqbal Day should be announced as a day off to commemorate the late poet’s birthday.

The respondents on this matter are the federal and provincial governments. However, it should be noted that a similar petition was filed earlier and is still pending before the LHC. The application was to meant to be heard before in court so as to declare this year’s Iqbal Day a public holiday before the debates began.

Last night, news channels have reported that there will be NO public holiday on account of Iqbal Day. We have yet to see what the Lahore High Court declares.

Iqbal Day November 9: To Be a Public Holiday or Not?

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