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A personal reflection on the values and ethics, on professionalism within the Millennials.

I interned at a media house for two months. In that period of time, I met with an employee from another department and became good friends with them. She told me she had been working in that company for the past 17 years. I froze.


I froze because it was unimaginable for me. Unimaginable that someone could stick with one company for so long when I probably could not stick with one for even a year. I mean it hadn’t even been 2 months and I was already looking for a job with no plans to turn my internship into a full-time job.

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Upon returning home, I realized that the previous generation was not like that. My father was working at his office for more than 25 years, my uncle was working at the company for the last 17 years, and my neighbor was working as a teacher in the same school for the last 12 years.

The Wrong Questions… And the Right Answer

Now, if we ask the questions that why are the millennials not able to embrace a similar situation? Why do we hop from one organization to the other, or leave one field for another? The answer is very easy actually. It’s because we do not find ourselves compatible with one organization but feel that we might hit it off with another organization. And that is not wrong. It is quite possible. What is wrong, however, is the lack of professionalism.

Professionalism requires you to do your work on time. It requires you to limit the errors in your tasks. And not to forget, it requires you to have a tone of respect for your employer. Once you have the tone, the professionalism reflects a great deal on all your acts.

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Professionalism in Behaviour

Let’s understand it this way. You join a workplace, you work for some time but you realize it doesn’t suit you, so you leave. But now that you leave, you will ensure that your abrupt decision is not negatively impacting the company in any way. There is no task undone, there is no promise being broken, and regardless of the fact that the rulebook allows you to leave, you respect the company enough that you give them considerable time to find your replacement.

But no, people are now more about instant personal gratification than any other thing. They dissociate from the other side so as to not feel accountable. Where does it come from? We don’t know yet. But will it be helpful? Not so much. Why? Because when you keep dissociating from every other interaction in your life, you will have made a reputation for yourself. And then others might not want to associate with that person.

What moral do we see emerge from this personal reflection: Adopt professionalism!

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