Get ready for a nostalgic stroll down memory lane to Pakistan’s rich pop music culture!

Our topsy-turvy history is filled with pop/rock artists that came and conquered the music industry. Pepsi is showing you exactly that in its latest star-studded commercial, under the campaign ‘#PepsiGenerations’.

Featuring the creme de la creme of Pepsi’s past and present icons, the brand has paid a tribute to various pop culture milestones over the years.

We bet you will fall in love with the bona fide celebration of the most memorable musical moments, shown across generations in the advert.


It is Pakistan’s favorite eye-candy of a superstar, the King of hearts- Fawad Khan.

His star-power takes this tempting tour to next level, as he travels from the 60’s to the 70’s; giving us a glimpse of vintage cars, vibrant billboards, and drive-in cinemas.

Weren’t the disco days of the 80’s the greatest of all?

You will literally be compelled to groove with the superstar and the pop-icon Zoheb Hassan as they shake along to the classical track ‘Oe Oe’.

The 90’s era was even more glorious, with pop wave riding high! Green-shirts winning the Cricket World Cup in 1992 is every Pakistani’s fondest memory.

Not to forget, Vital Signs’ patriotic tunes made this achievement even more euphoric for all.

And Shahi Hasan jamming like there’s no tomorrow in the TVC made us realize just that.

Pepsi also didn’t forget to honor Wasim Akram who was amongst the legendary heroes in the 1992 World Cup success.

But it’s Reema’s classy comeback in the ad, taking us to the new millennium and leaving you in awe!

The starlet continues to remain graceful, flaunting her sassy avatar and girl-next-door look like a boss.

The TVC reaches its climax with Fawad Khan passing the torch to the Pepsi prodigies ‘Kashmir’- the winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

The squad symbolizes the young blood who have grown up getting inspired by all these dynamic powerhouses and are all set to continue the musical legacy ahead!

In a seamless metamorphosis, the advert successfully rejuvenates the past, generating moments of today and setting the stage for a promising future.

It is noteworthy that Pepsi has made use of elements like old Pepsi TVCs, songs of Vital Signs and Strings along with old iconic movie posters to trigger the wave of nostalgia.

What’s more, the brand has introduced its limited-edition, iconic retro packaging to represent its youthful spirit and choice of a new generation.


For those who have missed the TVC, can watch it here!