Pepsi vs Careem

There is nothing more entertaining than a snarky social media war between influential brands.This weekend, the Careem vs Pepsi Pakistan’s Twitter feud surely provided us with the ultimate Sunday entertainment.

But guess who won the battle ? The people of Pakistan! Before we tell you how, here’s what you need to know about the intense social media-war.

Here’s What Went Down Between Pepsi & Careem

We all know how savvy Careem is with its marketing strategies. When a loyal fan asked for a promo code, the ride-hailing brand decided to get a bit cheeky!

We have to admit Careem made us all laugh with its offer of a free Pepsi instead of a promo code. 

But Pepsi did not find this funny at all and hit back with a super strict statement!

Careem being Careem decided to troll Pepsi Instead, and this is where it got real!

Things went south when Pepsi hit back with a warning that no one saw coming!

You would think that Careem would end its Twitter burn after Pepsi’s fiery reply. But no, the ride-hailing brand took it to a whole new level.

Nevertheless, Twitterverse had a field day and loved the Twitter drama between Pepsi and Careem.

The fued got so viral that even Samaa decided to cover it via poll

But now Careem’s Marketing Director Omar Abedin and Head of Marketing Pepsi Saad Khan have put an end to the rivalry with a conclusion.

The two decided to give Pakistanis an ultimate win. Pepsi announced that as a truce, it will give out 1 million Careem promos, and the Careem also called it truce by saying they will double the promos.

Pakistanis can now avail 2 million promos from Pepsi and Careem!