Image Source: Pepsi/ Twitter

If you are obsessed with soft drinks as much as I am, you will surely know the difference between Sprite and seven up, and Pepsi and Coca-Cola. They are always at war with each other as much as their fans are. And you can see that in their advertising as well, on and off at least.

But this time, Pepsi has gone one step ahead and has involved the product itself in their wars. Pepsi has invented ‘Cocoa Cola’ as a jab against Coca-cola. And let me tell you, it’s very innovative what they have done.

Coca Cola… Cocoa Cola

As the name suggests, the drink is made from Pepsi and cocoa. Not just that, the drink has a hint of marshmallow in it too.

Todd Kaplan, VP of marketing at Pepsi, said: “There is nothing more classic than hot cocoa on a winter day, but this year has been anything but typical.”

And since this whole year, everyone has been forced to stay at home, what can be better than cocoa and Pepsi combined?

And did you know when the brand is planning to roll out the product? They plan to do it when their tweet gets two thousand and twenty-one retweets. Interesting way to welcome two thousand and twenty-one (2021), don’t you think?

By now, the tweet has more than three thousand retweets, so let’s when the batch is rolled out. One can only wonder how Coca-Cola must be feeling hearing this news, although there has yet not been any statement from their side.

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