Since 2017 Pakistani band culture has been experiencing the start of a much needed revivalism and over the past couple of years local music enthusiasts have been graced with some brand new talented bands, all thanks to the Pepsi Battle Of The Bands.

Pepsi has been historically known to promote the music industry in Pakistan and the brand goes another step further with its latest initiative. Pepsi has now sponsored not one, not two, not three! But eight original, brand new music videos for eight of the most sensational bands from all 3 seasons of Battle of The Bands!

The bands include very decorated, fan-favorite names including Xarb, Tamaasha, Aarish, Kashmir, Auj, Bayaan, E-Sharp and Blackhour! While the Pepsi Battle of the Bands itself is a great opportunity for bands to get discovered through, these videos are another practical step by Pepsi to nurture our local talent that is discovered on Battle of the Bands.

The music video campaign kicked off today with a very promising promotional teaser that features very engaging, eclectic shots from all 8 videos that are set to be released soon. In the promo we caught a group of astronauts, a man in a cave, a girl with a helmet in concert and so much more.

All of us music fanatics now have a significant chunk of new content on our hands!

Such a thoughtful and practically viable initiative is truly what our music industry has needed, and this is bound to go a long way in reviving the overall music ecosystem.

No wonder that the short but lively snippets of the music videos that are featured in the promo have got us very excited for the full videos, and all the more optimistic about our local musical talent that we are such major fans of! Hats off to Pepsi for pulling this one off, and we are on the edge of our seats for the full scoop!