Pepsi Peel and Win

In a creative partnership, Pepsi and Careem have joined forces to give away free promos and Pakistanis are thrilled!

To announce the exciting news, Pepsi has rolled out a video featuring supermodels, Shehzad Noor, and Areeba Habib.

It all begins with our hero enjoying a chilled bottle of Pepsi.Peel and Win

Unexpectedly, some savvy Careem cars began to follow him.Peel and Win

While trying to dodge them, he bumps into Areeba who too is being chased by Careem vehicles.Peel and Win

Turns out, the Pepsi labels had hidden Careem promos printed on them, ready to be peeled and avail a free ride.

The campaign aims to engage Pepsi and Careem fans by providing them free rides whilst  enjoying their favorite beverage brand.

All they have to do is peel their special edition Pepsi bottle label and discover Careem promos with discounts ranging from 10% to 100%.

Watch the video for yourself here.

An epic Brand war that turned into a win for the Fans!

Last month, Careem and Pepsi had an entertaining social media battle that took the nation by storm.

It all began when a loyal Careem customer requested the brand for a promo code.

And the ride-hailing service decided to get a bit cheeky with its offer of a free Pepsi instead.

Taking note of this buzz, Pepsi hit back with a statement that shook Pakistan’s Twitterverse.

Careem being Careem decided to troll Pepsi instead, and this is where it got real!

Things went south when Pepsi hit back with a warning that no one saw coming!


Nevertheless, Twitterverse had a field day and loved the Twitter drama between Pepsi and Careem.

The fued got so viral that even Samaa decided to cover it via poll

Later, Careem’s Marketing Director Omar Abedin and Head of Marketing Pepsi Saad Khan put an end to the rivalry with a conclusion.

The two decided to give Pakistanis an ultimate win!

Pepsi announced that as a truce, it will give out 1 million Careem promos. Careem also called a truce by saying they will double the promos. This implies that together the two brands will now give away 2 million free promos! That’s an amazing win for all consumers.

It’s raining Careem Promos and all you have to do is to peel the label off a Pepsi bottle and get lucky!

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