Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3 has almost reached its final destination and we are one episode short of finding out who will take the title home.

The final knockout round is between none other than the impressive band Baayan, and the talented Xarb!

However, the final decision regarding who will walk away as the winner is no longer in the hands of the judges, but the audience!

Episode 7 kicked off with the ever-stunning Ayesha Omar and her co-host Ahmad Ali Butt who surprised the audience with a guest performance!

Everyone is a Winner!

Ayesha and Ahmed shared a sweet surprise, even though the winner will be walking away with PKR 5 million, an album deal, concerts across the nation, and lifetime royalties, runnerup will not go empty-handed. They will also take home a whopping PKR 2.5 million and an album deal with Pepsi!

Badnaam is Back!

That’s right! Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 2 finalists ‘Badnaam’ made their comeback on the stage and set it on fire with their performance on Daastan-e-Faqeer and gave a powerful start to the episode.

Bayaan’s Brilliant Mashup Opens the Show

Bayaan decided to kickstart the episode with a breath-taking mash-up of ‘Aaj Baazaar’ by Nayyara Noor with Ali Azmat’s rock song ‘Na Re Na’. The boys successfully managed to impress and won over the judges.

Xarb Hits Back with Raqs-e-Wajood

After Bayaan’s magical spell, it was now Xarb’s turn to soar higher – with their effort titled ‘Raqs-e-Wajood’, a mashup of the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Manam Mehve’ along with Abida Parveen’s ‘Main Naraye’. The band also successfully impressed the judges with their out-of-the-box performance.

Bayaan Performs Their Original Track – ‘Paani Aur Mitti’

To leave an impact, Bayaan gave everything they had with their original track, Paani Aur Mitti.

Everyone gave a round of applause to the drummer Mansoor who wrote the lyrics and played an immense role with the composition.

The band was acknowledged by the judges and Bilal even shared that they reminded him of the legendary Pakistani band Vital Signs!

Xarb’s Passion, Emotions, and Journey is Beautifully shown with ‘Umeed’

Xarb’s final performance for the night was ‘Umeed’, an original track by the band. The lyrics powerfully describe the band’s journey with positivity and hope that they will be the winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3.

Aaroh Concludes the Evening with ‘Ik Chah’

Aaroh took over the stage and brought back nostalgic memories with their hit ‘Ik Chah’. What an incredible and mind-blowing way to bring Pepsi BOB Season 3 Episode 7 to an end. It could not get better than this folks!

Pakistan, it’s time to Vote!

The decision is no longer in the hands of the judges, in fact, it is in yours! Voting lines have officially opened and will go on until the clock strikes 11:59 PM on Thursday 30th August.

Then the fate of the bands will be locked forever! Here’s how you can vote for your favorite band:

Vote via SMS

To vote for Xarb via SMS, text ‘X’ to 8042 and for Bayaan, text ‘B’ to 8042.

Vote via Website

Voters can also log on to and submit their votes.

You have the power to choose who gets to carry the title of Pepsi Battle of The Bands Season 3 Winners!

Do not miss out on the opportunity to make your favorite band win as every single vote counts!