It’s Pepsi Battle of the Bands time again!

The avant-garde platform is basking in glory for showcasing the immense talent that thrives within Pakistan. To add to the excitement, our favorite musicians Fawad, Meesha and Strings are the mentors.

Earlier, the top 6 bands were announced with Dejavu, Tamaasha, Xarb, 21 the Band, Khaghaz and, Bayaan, all competing to be crowned the coveted winner.

With episode 4 now out, the competition has become even more intense as we move closer to the ultimate clash between the bands!

The knock-out round and double elimination hit the bands hard this time leaving the final top 4 bands who made it to the next round.

This time, the challenge given to the bands was to perform their original compositions, making it all the more tough for the contestants.

Before the musical night kick-started, the winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2 ‘Kashmir’ surprised us all!

The boys set the stage on fire with “Darbadar” and their track was ‘Perfect to the T’. Stronger than before, Kashmir is taking over Pakistan’s music scene by storm.

The race finally began with a power-packed original ‘Mein Bolo’ by 21 The band.

Learning from their past mistakes, the punk rock stars got lauded for improving their performance.

However, Bilal Maqsood and Fawad Khan pointed out that the band could have added more innovation to their performance.

The next band was Bayaan who kept it simple and serene with the melody ‘Tou Kia Howa’.

But they failed to impress the judges.

Xarb successfully raised the game and made us go crazy with their smashing performance on ‘Deewar’.

Testing new waters, the hard-rock genre of the tune proved that the versatile band is beyond a Sufi rock group. As expected, their track made the mentors fall in love with them all over again.

In the last episode, we saw Deja-Vu lacking energy on stage. Guess they were unlucky again in this episode.

With the vocalist and the drummer uniting for the composition ‘Bas Ker Jee’, the jury give their performance a thumbs down.

But then came Tamaasha and pumped the episode again with their bona-fide performance on Roshni.

Their sheer musical brilliance earned them a well-deserved standing ovation, becoming the only band to get it three times in a row.

Last time, Kaghaz made us groove to Disco Deewane. But in episode 4, their performance surprisingly lacked punch and passion!

We wonder what went wrong. The judges heavily criticized the band and coached them to work on the lyrics and vocals.

Consequently, it didn’t come as a surprise when Kaghaz, Bayaan, and DejaVu made it to the danger zone.

It was predictable to see the judges bid farewell to Kaghaz, giving the two remaining bands another chance to prove themselves. Deja-vu gave us a major blues feel with ‘Jane Tu Ya Jane Na’ and Bayaan turned the mood soulful with their original ‘Raaz-e-Fitna’ But the judges had to save one and gave Bayaan a thumbs up!

So the final four that made it to the next round are:

  1. – Bayaan
  2. – 21 The Band
  3. – Tamaasha
  4. – Xarb

Watch the complete episode here!