People's Square
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People’s Square in Karachi is a public place with an underground parking area near the Secretariat in Karachi. It’s mainly constructed for the visitors of the secretariat and people of the nearby educational institutes. However, the place is the new talk of the town, and you’ll know why.

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Bilawal Inaugurates And Makes Promises

PPP’s chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, inaugurated the place on Saturday.  He believes that the people of Karachi will benefit from the People’s Square because of the underground marking that eases the traffic. Moreover, the masterpieces of architecture created within the square are a sight for sore eyes!

He added that under the Neighbourhood Improvement Project, with the assistance of the World Bank, all districts in Karachi will get a People’s Square. Not just that, they will be restored and beautified further. 

As a result of the 18th amendment, provinces are given financial autonomy. That, according to Bilawal, acts in Sindh’s favor. He remarked that Sindh has fought with its fair share of terrorists, and now it’s time to move onto greater things.

More Projects Underway

Bilawal said similar projects were also under construction in Malir and other districts of Karachi. A project would be launched at the Wazir Mansion in Kharadar, where Quaid-e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born. He appreciated the Sindh government’s plans to put sewerage and other utility services networks underground throughout Karachi to protect the historic sites and the people. 

He said,” We believe that if Karachi develops, then not only Sindh province but the whole of Pakistan will grow, but there are problems and difficulties.” 

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
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A while ago, it was announced that Karachi Sea View is under renovation. Huge green belts were being added while the front of the beach was architecturally revamped. Since Sea View was also becoming less popular by the day due to the pollution on-site, we’re excited to see what’s in store.

Sea View
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Does This Solve Anything?

Does a simple ‘People’s Square,’ in retrospect, solve anything? The people of Karachi were distraught and will continue to be that every time a rain shower comes. Why is it that the city’s sewage system is that outdated? Innocent, young and old lives have been lost this monsoon season for no reason. Who is to be held accountable? 

Alongside such an architecturally incredible landscape, there needs to be work on the ground that matters.

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