Merub Ali made her acting debut as Yumna Zaidi’s younger sister in Sinf e Aahan. Since then, we have seen her in popular Pakistani dramas like Paristan and Wabal. Millions of people both online and offline adore her and her pop sensation fiance, Asim Azhar. Merub is known for her bubbly nature and cute appearance.

She previously made headlines when Asim Azhar and she announced that they got engaged on Instagram. Otherwise, she also stays in the news because of her outfits and cute photos and videos on Instagram. She usually posts with her brothers and husband to be Asim Azhar.

Image Source: Daily News Pakistan

She also goes viral for the fun challenge and lip-syncing videos she makes with her brother. Recently, people are adoring her and the bond she has with her older brother, Raamis Ali. Raamis is the older brother of Merub and is also besties with Asim Azhar. Raamis and Asim usually perform together on stage and have written multiple songs together. Safe to say they have always been one happy family. Here have a look at the latest photos of Merub and Raamis at a friend’s wedding.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Sibling relationships are unmatched in friendship, and Merub and her brother serve as a great example of what an unshakable bond between siblings looks like. Fans were delighted by their sweet images! Name a better sibling duo, we’ll wait!

Image Source: Instagram

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