food opinions
Image Source: EasyFoodMagazine

Food opinions are like a minefield: you never know where a war can start or what can be wrong. That is why people usually keep their controversial food opinions to themselves. However, when Uber facts asks… you have to let go.

Pineapple on Pizza

A debate as old as time with no solution in sight. Pineapple tastes great on pizza. Those who disagree are either afraid of adventure or have dead tastebuds. We said what we said!

Food Phobias?! 

We never knew food phobias were a thing but there is a first time for everything. People are out here having phobias of tuna. Hey, if everyone had this phobia, the seas would be in a better place.

Ketchup and Pancakes

This is where we turn our heads away. Disrespect, sheer disrespect.

No Raisins Please

Thank God someone said it. Please keep raisins where they belong (which is only inside the cupboard). On another note, can we please stop adding raisins to bread pudding?

No Sandwich Without Cheese

This person has their priorities laid out straight. Can’t say we disagree! Who here gets cheese added to their subways?

Pepperoni Pizza

This person is asking for it and dying for it. There is no topping as good on pizza as some crispy Pepperonis. May God guide this person to the pepperoni path.


That’s just plain sad. Mayonnaise is like the foundation of all sauces. Maybe they’ve been having bad mayonnaise. Try Hellman’s/Best Foods or Heinz. If you can’t change your mind, you need to literally change your mind.

Mashed Potatoes

We never knew there was this much hatred in the world. How can anyone hate on mashed potatoes, the most innocent and cutest dish in the world? It just needs love and we are glad to be giving it.

Hummus Is Elite

From this person’s tweet you can tell straight up they haven’t had it. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Hummus is amazing and should be treated like that.

Ketchup and Roti

Finally something we agree with. Ketchup and roti need to be kept on the other side of the kitchen. Desis should feel disrespect at that. 

Peanut Butter

Ban this guy from twitter, not Peanut butter. Peanut butter and jelly is the best pick-me-up sandwich and nothing can change that. Plus, add it in any smoothie or shake and we can have a party.

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