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There are three known categories of business that are always recommended. Of course, there can be losses and profits in any kind of business, but that doesn’t mean that the business itself is bad. Food, Clothing, and Property are three of the best business areas that people can invest in.

This applies to clothes, especially, due to the fact that our culture is heavily driven by new clothing lines and wardrobe options. However, like strange food combinations and oddly built houses, the clothing lines can have similar combinations too. With that said, people are questioning Zara over its new line. What can they be talking about?


This is one of the most well-known brands out there. Whether one is looking for summer attire or winter, one can be considered a viable option. Their wide range allows them to dip into a substantial fraction of the clothing market. They do photoshoots for new collections, and their sales are also a driving point for their products. The most recent photoshoot that comes to mind is one where they loosely reference a romance story.

However, the most recent news has people puzzled. They have, allegedly, released a new line that is not sitting well with people due to it being slightly strange. One can see whether it has an application or not, but they are still trying to figure out what it really.

The New Line

The newest line by Zara, as you can see in the tweet above, shows a most peculiar article. They seem to be seated sleeves that can be worn over other attires. However, where people expect there to be full uppers, the attire just ends at the sleeves. Where is the rest of it? Why is this article resembling a shoulder holster?

Additionally, it’s interesting to note that the price tag on the clothing line reads $30. That is approximately Rs.4, 800/-. The writer of this article has seen more clothing lines costing less and having more to offer. Twitter, amidst all this, has exploded with a plethora of humorous tweets and replies to Zara. Whether it is praising the line or just talking in good humor, the platform has it covered. Check out some of them,

What now?

There is one more point to note in all this. One of the tweets, as you’ll see below, state that this design is being considered a knockoff. A knock off of what, you ask? Well, they are claiming that it allegedly copied Alexander Mcqueen. So there comes another coat of peculiarity.

A lot of the internet people are simply asking ‘Why?’ after observing Zara’s new line. We hope that Zara has a solid marketing plan in mind after this new line. Here is another fun thing to see before the year is up!

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